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Let there be light!

Let there be light!

This site is about what we are used to from birth, without which life is impossible on the planet. About what we are sorely lacking in his absence, the source of which we begin to look at, once the slightest shortage. We dedicate this site to light!

Light is the lovely and multifaceted phenomenon that affects virtually all spheres of human activity, that’s why we have something to say to you, and you may have something to say to us.

This site is designed primarily for professionals engaged in light. We pay great attention to the technical, technological and design aspects of lighting. But we try not to overload our materials and technical information to be interesting and for every inquisitive reader.

About IR ligthing

Infrared illuminators are manufactured on the basis of high-performance light-emitting diode arrays and individual light-emitting diodes produced by the best Russian and foreign manufacturers.

Über LED Beleuchtung

Einsatzbereich von LEDs

Leuchtdioden, die man oft LED nennt (eng. „light emitting diode“), werden vor allem als Indikatoren in verschiedenen Haushaltsgeräten, Audio- und Videoanlagen verwendet.


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