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GT-03 serie

The spotlights of the "GT" series are currently available only for lighting projects execution. Spotlights Series GT-03 with low power consumption (3 Watts) solve the problems of local illumination and lighting of small objects. Series GT-03 has white (warm WW, cool WC, neutral WN) light. Monochrome spotlights have PWM control (dimming). GT-03 spotlights are suitable for operation in harsh environments, sea water and under water. They can be used for architectural lighting, as the park lights, for caves illumination, embankments illumination, on ships and underwater lighting. The unique design of the housing made of stainless steel and polycarbonate makes possible to avoid galvanic corrosion emergence between various metals. The aluminum radiator is covered with a special ceramic compound for protection from the environment. GT-03 series includes spotlights with beam angles 10, 30, 40 and 10x40 degrees.
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